Daniel "Dazza" Greenwood is founder of CIVICS.com, a boutique provider of professional consultancy services for digital identity, automated transactions, data management and technology strategy. Dazza is also a visiting scientist at MIT where he is creating the field of computational law and building out MIT.edu/Blockchain research portfolio. Dazza consults to fortune 100 companies, including telecom, the insurance industry and financial services sector, advising on, architecting and building integrated business, legal and technology cross-boundary networks at industry scale. As an attorney, Dazza served as both in-house and special counsel for technology law, representing corporations and governments and as an intellectual property litigation expert. Dazza has testified before the US House, US Senate and other legislatures on electronic transactions law and consults consults extensively to the public sector, including to NASA as an Online Identity expert, GSA as a multilateral rules drafting expert, Homeland Security as a multi-state federated identity expert, the UK Cabinet Office on population-scale identity federation rules and many other public and private sector organizations and global NGOs.

From Design to Deployment

Client Testimonial

Client testimonial by Jim Rogers of the Hartford, a 200 year old fortune 100 company, about deployment of ID Federation for the insurance and financial services industry.

Big Data Privacy

Cambridge University Press Big Data Privacy book chapter on a balanced framework of institutional controls for a new deal on data.

OECD Keynote

Slides accompanying the keynote address to OECD's Digital Identity Management conference in Trondheim, Norway, 2007 reflect a number of basic concepts that remain relevant today.