Open Group Tweet Jam on Identity

Today, the Open Group is hosting a “Tweet Jam” on digital identity, and it was both informative and social – even fun!  As one of the invited experts, I included information on NSTIC, OpenID Connect and the notion of Core ID.

Here is some more information on the event:

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I’ll definitely be following their future Tweet Jams.  This is a great way to join a broader dialog that’s focused and yet … well… open!  Below is a screen scrape from the event:

Biggest challenges of ID mgmt today are same ones as 10 years ago, that’s the problem. #ogChat #IdM

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What, we have to stop? Seriously, thanks all for great exchange on #idm #ogchat !

RT @theopengroup: Thank you everyone for joining #ogChat. summary of event on our blog later this week! < ditto!

Thank you everyone for joining today’s #ogChat. We publish a summary of the event on our blog later this week!

Q6 #ogchat Mobile can be more OR less secure for #ID – depends on 1) implementation, 2) applicable trust framework(s).

Q6. Depends. What are you doing? But standards are coming with OAuth, NFC tech. to secure access for native apps. Works in progress #ogchat

Q5 Users need to be able to do the equivalent of paying cash on the Internet. Anonymous, but the money is still good. #ogChat

Q6. Mobile device (in)security is scary, period, add in identity credentials buried in phones, bad news indeed #ogChat

Q4: How about portability? Should I be able to pick up my identity and move to another #idm provider, like I can move my phone num? #ogchat

All’s I know is the current ID as email address and password model will cave on itself and there’s nothing to revert to yet. #ogChat #IdM

Q4 Google’s Street ID is a foreshadow how co.’s will contribute value, take slice of attribute transaction. #ogchat

Q3 to be clear, I don’t want one identity eco system, I want many, at least some of which i control (consumer). #ogChat

Given recent history, I’d rather have a government do ID mgmt than banks. Too big to fail is a lousy risk avoidance paradigm. #ogChat #IdM

Government had roles as law maker, market maker, and most key: public infrastructure maker for #ID #ogchat

Another killer aspect on ID mgmt federation standards is lack of public awareness and/or apathy. Where’s the rage? #ogChat #IdM

Q2 Heavy and full scale involvement; intelligent standards body participants check their allegiance at the door or the effort fails. #ogchat

Q2 NSTIC is great model for role of governments, help foster ecosystem and create standards #ogChat

Q1: Also no widely-understood/agreed models for online/cyber trust among end-users. What’s good for social network not OK for bank. #ogChat

Q1 What are the biggest challenges of #idM today? #ogChat

Hello everyone and welcome to @theopengroup‘s first identity management (#idM) tweet jam. Please introduce yourself #ogChat

Join The Open Group identity management Tweet Jam at 9 am PDT sharp! #ogchat

The tweet jam on #idM led by a panel of experts will be starting shortly at noon ET. Search on #ogChat to join the discussion!

Join me today at 9 a.m. PT/noon ET for @theopengroup’s tweet jam on identity management. Follow #ogChat to join the discussion!

The tweet jam on #idM led by a panel of experts will be starting shortly at 9 am.. PT/noon ET. Follow #ogChat to join the discussion!