Dazza Greenwood founded, a boutique provider of professional consultancy services for digital business and trust networks. enables organizations to deploy cross-boundary data flows, transactions and other services using an integrated business, legal and technical architecture and design methodology. Engagements are tailored to purpose and leverage innovative solutions for digital identity, data policy and technology strategy.

At Massachusetts Institute of Technology, since 1997 Dazza Greenwood has held various academic and research appointments including Visiting Scholar, Lecturer and Scientist. Dazza developed repeatable methods for integrated business, legal and technical design and deployment of systems or services, honed over decades of private consulting and released under open MIT licenses. Currently, at the MIT Media Lab, Dazza’s research focus is on integrated legal and technical code enabling trusted identity in cyberspace, reliable big data analytics and legitimately fair personal data sharing. Dazza also helped launch where he and a growing network of collaborators are advancing the new fields of legal informatics, computational law and legal hacking.

Dazza consults to fortune 100 companies, including the insurance industry and financial services sector, architecting the creation of trust frameworks. As an attorney, Dazza served as both general and special counsel for technology law, representing corporations and governments and as intellectual property litigation expert.

Federally, Dazza has US House and US Senate and other legislatures and has consulted to NASA as an Online Identity expert, GSA as a multilateral rules drafting expert, Homeland Security as a multistate federated governance expert, the UK Cabinet Office GDS facilitating and authoring identity federation rules and many other public and private sector organizations.

Dazza was elected as Vice Chair of the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group’s Plenary, which is developing a framework for federated identity and privacy at the international level, implementing NSTIC. Dazza Chairs the Forum on Law of Identity and Personal Data of the ID Commons. Dazza chaired the eContracts Committee of OASIS/LegalXML, which approved and published the Technical Committee Specification for eContracts in 2007.

Dazza served as an arbitrator under the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), where he arbitrated Internet domain name and trademark disputes. Mr. Greenwood has successfully mediated several domain name and other disputes. Mr Greenwood created legal processes for online mediation used by eBay and other online dispute resolution providers, crafted the first crowd-sourced dispute resolution process and vice chaired of the OASIS Online Dispute Resolution technical specifications committee.