Boston OneCard

This page exists to support the City of Boston CIO and Mayors Office of New Urban Mechanics in it’s collaboration to roll out OneCard at production grade and scope by September, 2012 with the Boston Public Schools, the Boston Public Library, the Boston Center for Youth and Families (OneCard Team) and their partners.

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  • Link to “Launch Plan” and Related Materials (include outline for updated website – offer URL but suggest .gov for policies and legal and “namespace”, also include key milestones from Dierdea and City proj mgmt short term), include press release and event placeholder, include info related to scope and contact info; also Link to Draft Participation Agreement (need existing agreement, and definition on which parties will sign this)
  • Higher Level Background and Context
  • Federal Context
  • State Context
  • Longer Term Policy and Planning
  • Integration and Federation of Identifiers and Accounts
  • Online Identity and Personal Data Management
  • Privacy and Personalization
  • Financial Transactions
  • Interoperability and Self Sustaining Models
  • Certification and Accreditation

This page is intended to assist with the market analysis and program development for OneCard and is access protected to those with a need to know or other identified by the OneCard Team, however, it is not intended that any highly sensitive, private, high value or mission critical information be accessible at this site.  If you see any inappropriate materials here, please contact immediately so they may be removed.