Below are possible questions to potential vendors and also experts in this field:

Describe how you would provide the following outcomes:

Buying our cards.  From G&D. We tell mbta the numbers. Try log into their system.

CR 80 my fair classics.

How many: 20,000
Vendor turns around by (August 10?) then when would you need them by?

vendor gets the info somehow? Do you know how to use Aspen Student info system by X2 (subsidiary of Follett)

For experts:

  • What is your assessment of these vendors for this task, and what other vendors should we be approaching?
  • What problems and prospects do you see for the OneCard program for 1) our roll out this September 2012, 2) the next 12-18 months, and 3) longer term?
  • What technologies, standards and methods would you suggest for:
  • enrollment, registration, issuance, activation, management, suspension/termination, management?
  • integration of identifiers and accounts?

Anything else?  Eg: Add an online component for identity?  Scope for citizens?  Scope for merchants?  Registered or licenses professionals?