Identity Use Cases

Please monitor this page for resources related to the task of developing Use Cases and Scenarios for the upcoming ABA Federated Identity Management Task Force report, which is part of a broader effort to define and share basic Identity Use Cases.  To participate, please sign up at:

Please see our Background Resources Page for more information and context on this sub-group and our work.

Some of the high level Use Case and Scenario areas being developed include:

1. Business to Business “Tightly Bounded Circle of Trust” SSO

a) Rules-Driven Consortia (e.g. IDtrust, SAFE, InCommon)

b) Industry SSO (e.g.

2. Public Sector Issued Identity Credentials and Token

a) Employee and Contractors Identity (e.g. PIV, CAC)

b) Citizen Identities (eID)

3. Mass-Market Consumer “Lightly Bounded” or “Open” Reusable Identity

a) OAuth and OpenID “in the wild” among partners with no prior relationship

b) Reusable Branded ID (e.g. Facebook, Google & Twitter)